Review : Oriflame Wonder Lash Waterproof Mascara

Hallo everybody? How life ?

Today I will review-ing mascara from Oriflame, I don’t know I have write review about mascara before or not :p maybe I’ll check it later. Oriflamme well-known as beauty MLM (Multi Level Marketing), they have a lot of beauty product but I just bought some and for this one I’m quite happy with the result, if you searching mascara with good result (anti badai cetar membahana) you can try this one. I have short eyelash and when I use mascara my eyelash still ugly not like my friend when they use mascara they eyelash very beautiful so I don’t buy mascara for a long term. Someday when I bought quite much oriflamme product I get this mascara for free and when I try this I love it, this mascara do the job well they make my eyelash up and last longer, this mascara is waterproof so you don’t worry when you use this when rainy season (LOL). When I use this after I have wudlu this mascara still in first position.

Packaging : slim tube with blue color, just simple packaging. The brush is unique make us easier to use it.

My result : overall I love this product just one thing I don’t like in this product is I hard to remove this mascara even I use make up remover I must be patient when I want to clean this mascara but it’s OK I still give tolerance with it.
Pros :
-          Good finishing (make my eyelash up)
-          Waterproof & kucek proof (halah)
-          Don’t worry when you use this and you crying because it really waterproof
-          Not too expensive
c    Cons :
   - hard to revome/ clean
   - we must buy at oriflame reseller or web

  rating : 8.5/10
  price : Rp. 99.000

  cheers dien chan :*



  1. Saya dulu males pakai produk oriflame krn ngak berkualitas tapi skrng kyknya udh bnyak ya produknya ya bagus2

    1. hallo mba turis cantik, iya sekarang lumayan banyak produk oriflame yang bagus. jadi harus pinter-pinter milihnya mba.makasih udah mampir :)


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